Board President’s Message


Hi, I’m Barry Collamore, President of Eliot’s Board of Directors. It’s been my pleasure to be on the Board for more than twenty years now.  

When I think of Eliot, I think of it’s overarching value. I believe that overarching value is Respect, and I mean that with a capital ‘R’. Its starts from the very top, with our CEO and our senior staff, and it permeates throughout the organization.

Respect for each other as fellow staff members, but most importantly, Respect for our clients. That means several things. It means the staff works with the clients to focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses. It means the staff actively works to have the clients be self-directed and define their own treatment goals. The role of the counseling staff is often as an advocate and mentor toward their clients goals.

And that’s the essence of Respect in my opinion; To help our clients be as self-directed as possible, in a healthy way.