Eliot Community Human Services thrives on providing students with high quality educational experiences and valuable workplace skills

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Eliot offers a wide range of Internship Opportunities with talented supervisors who are excited to share their knowledge and insight.   Fall, spring, and summer internships are available.

Areas of study include:

Macro Internship   Early Intervention
Clinical Social Work   Children, Youth, and Families
Psychology   Developmental Disabilities
Juvenile Justice   Information Technology
Non-Profit Management   Human Resources
Music Therapy   Accounting

  Internship Requirements The primary requirement is that student interns must be able to demonstrate interest in the population of the program in which they wish to be placed.  Applicants must provide a resume, attend a formal interview with the program, be able to pass a background check, and submit 2 references.  Students accepted as Eliot interns are required to attend Eliot’s New Staff Orientation which ranges from 3-7 days depending on the placement.

Undergraduate Students Apply Here    •    Graduate Students Apply Here

Macro Internship    •     Masters- Community Based Behavioral Health Intern 

Masters – Children and Youth Residential Internship 

Note: To work in our youth programs, interns must be over the age of 21.