Community Based Flexible Support Services (CBFS)

CBFS combines community-based outreach with residential services to deliver a comprehensive array of supports that promote recovery and resiliency

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Eliot’s Community Based Flexible Supports (CBFS) services provide rehabilitative treatment options and supports in partnership with individuals and their families to promote and facilitate recovery.  Funded through the Department of Mental Health, Eliot’s CBFS serves individuals with severe and persistent mental illness living in the North Shore, Lynn, Metro North and Metro Suburban areas.

Services include a range of community based housing options and assistive services to manage psychiatric symptoms, promote wellness, address medical conditions, and restore/maintain daily living, social and vocational skills.  This comprehensive model includes:

Housing support Clinical coordination
Medication management support Benefit and entitlement coordination
Vocational support Educational assistance
Rehabilitation services Health and wellness counseling and activities
Substance abuse counseling


Adults eligible for CBFS services are referred through the Department of Mental Health and participate in a range of individualized services determined through person-centered service planning and coordinated through a team of experienced and highly trained CBFS staff.  Each individual works with our team to develop an Individualized Action Plan (IAP), a comprehensive plan of all services and supports he or she wishes to receive. The type, intensity, and duration of services provided are guided by the individual’s strengths, experiences, culture, values, hopes, and life goals.

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