Vocational and Day Services

Eliot offers a range of day programming for adults with severe and persistent mental illness

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Clubhouse is a fluid and flexible service that is based in the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery. Members of the clubhouse are engaged in all aspects of service delivery and empowered to identify, develop, review and revise program operations based on the needs and preferences of the membership. The program offers a restorative environment where each individual can receive supports and services related to employment, education, life skills, housing, health and wellness, social and recreational, and community linkage. Eliot operates four Clubhouses:   Elmbrook Place in Burlington, Renaissance Club in Lowell, Salem Connection in Salem, and Harbor Place in Lynn.  Clubhouses are open six days per week and most holidays. For more information, please contact:

Elmbrook Place (781) 202-3478  or visit the Elmbrook Place website
Renaissance Club (978) 454-7944 or visit the Renaissance Club website
Salem Connection (978) 498-4400
Harbor Place (781) 842-7200

The Young Adult Vocational Program (YAVP) is a comprehensive vocational, pre-vocational, and educational skill building program in the Metro Suburban area for youth between the ages of 16 and 26 with psychiatric disabilities. The program serves up to 20 individuals each day and uses a holistic model to support young adults. The YAVP team understands the compounded effects of a mental illness and transitioning from adolescence to adulthood,.  The young adult members of YAVP take part in small group instruction that fosters and supports a well-rounded approach to educational and vocational skill building. In addition, each member works with his/her individual job developer to set and accomplish desired goals. The members at YAVP have a wide array of interests which adds to the richly diverse learning atmosphere of the program. There is a broad range of activities and pursuits such as painting, drawing and graphic design, radio and TV, teaching, mechanics, carpentry, and human services. Peer Mentoring Project- YAVP Peer Mentors are available to provide recovery based supports within the program and community. Our Peer mentors provide integrated supports by facilitating recovery groups, providing individual mentoring, sharing their stories of recovery, providing education and connecting young adults to their community and each other.

For more information, please contact (781) 643-5093 or visit the YAVP Website

The Adult Day Treatment Program provides state-of-the-art, psychiatric treatment for adults coping with mental illness or a dual diagnosis of psychiatric illness coupled with substance abuse.  Located in Lynn, the program delivers individualized and group treatment in a structured environment. Clients are active participants in the development and implementation of their individualized treatment plans. The Program offers many supportive services, including: Rapid Access – A streamlined referral process ensures immediate access to a safe, structured treatment program, and enables individuals to return home at night to maintain important family and community relationships. Step Down – After an inpatient stay, a person discharged to our program is assured individualized treatment planning to support the resumption of daily activities. Continuity – Our program can be accessed individually, or in combination with other diversionary and step-down services. All service options are discussed during the diagnostic process with the individual, clinical team and other treatment providers. Dual Recovery – Our program specializes in services for individuals with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and a substance abuse disorder. Our program is specifically designed to address the treatment issues unique to individuals who are in the early stages of recovery. Our program is staffed by a multi-disciplinary treatment team clinically trained to stabilize emotional crises, implement effective treatment approaches, and assist individuals to develop confidence and skills needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Adult Day Treatment accepts referrals from insurers, providers and individuals.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information, please contact (781) 581-4441