Brain Injury Services – Residential Homes

Eliot's Residential Brain Injury Programs support adults with Acquired Brain Injury in community and residential settings

We believe that motivation, positive thinking, and vision are the stepping stones to successful outcomes.  Our team assists residents with creating individualized treatment plans to improve concentration, memory recall, and overall personal development.  The programs are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including the expertise of a full time nurse.  The residential programs provide the following:

  • Opportunities for people to enrich their days and reconnect with their life goals.
  • Redevelopment of personal skills and competencies.
  • A full range of community activities.
  • Optimal medical and neuropsychiatric care.
  • A family-like atmosphere providing residents with the comforts of home.

Located in communities north of Boston, our homes are well appointed, comfortable, and adapted to meet the unique needs and preferences of persons with acquired brain injuries.  Our facilities are handicapped accessible and fully modified to meet residents specific needs relating to mobility, vision, and other impairments. 


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