Early Intervention

Eliot's Early Intervention Program offers comprehensive needs assessment and treatment to strengthen a child's cognitive, motor, and behavioral skills

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Eliot’s Early Intervention Program helps children from birth to three years of age who may have some delay in development, or are at risk for delay.  Serving young children and their families in Everett, Malden, Medford, and surrounding communities, as well as the Cambridge/Somerville area, our team of Early Intervention specialists is available to support your child’s development and growth with our hands-on, family-focused approach.  We provide our EI services where clients need them, including the child’s home, at childcare, at our office, and in other community settings. Most services are covered by health insurance, and are always provided to eligible children with no charge to the family.

Our team includes developmental specialists, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and occupational, physical, and speech therapists.  These specialists carefully assess your child’s needs and work with the child and family to maximize skill acquisition, facilitating optimal growth in the areas of cognitive, language, motor, behavioral and social development . Our multi-lingual staff provide support to parents by teaching them to understand their child’s strengths and needs.  Our play-based approach encourages parents to take an active role in their child’s treatment.

Early Intervention programs and services include: Screenings      Developmental Assessments
Home Visits Music Therapy
Drop-Off Toddler Playgroups Feeding Groups
Parent/Baby Groups Parent/Toddler Groups
Parent Support and Education Referral Services

Children can be referred to Early Intervention by pediatricians or other healthcare providers, various community agencies and insurers. Families may also contact our program directly. An evaluation with our team will be scheduled to determine a child’s eligibility.

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For more information or arrange for an evaluation of your child, please contact (781) 306-4820 for Everett, Malden and Medford.