Residential Programming

Eliot’s Residential Programming relies on a Trauma Informed Care foundation to deliver healthy, nurturing, and safe learning environments for youth in need of out of home placements.

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Eliot has developed a network of innovative programs to serve the specialized needs of child and adolescent populations across the state.  Our range of social service and juvenile justice programs strive to provide youth with values, skills and strengths necessary to face and overcome personal challenges in a way that will enable them to lead healthy and productive lives. Our homes and residences provide a safe, structured, respectful, and educational environment designed to nurture and promote positive growth.

Eliot’s Juvenile Justice programming delivers a residential network for court-involved youth ages 13 to 21 who are in need of placement while awaiting return to court, assessment, or residential treatment. These highly structured, self-contained programs offer a comprehensive intervention for juvenile offenders. Each has a fully accredited school, clinical supports including individual and group treatment, and are operated by trained staff with all components integrated through a Positive Youth Development framework.

Our residential services offer a full range of cognitive-behavioral groups including DBT, anger management, social skill building, substance abuse prevention, and life management skills.  In addition, a full schedule of educational, vocational, recreational, clinical, and community service components provide an intensive and effective intervention for troubled youth.

STARR and Group Homes serve children and youth referred through the Department of Children and Families in safe, homelike settings. Children and youth are sent to Eliot’s programs for stabilization, assessment or longer term treatment, all with the ultimate goal of family reunification and permanency. Our homes are child-centered, strengths-based and strongly encourage families to be involved in all aspects of their child’s treatment.

STARR programs provide respite and a period of assessment for children from birth to 18 years of age. Program staff work with the child and family to identify strengths and need areas. Together, they develop interventions that are designed to stabilize the child, build skills, promote trusting relationships, and ensure a safe return to the community and reintegration with family or caregivers.

Eliot Group Homes serve children and adolescents referred by the Department of Child and Family Services who need longer out of home placement. Our homes offer comprehensive residential treatment and intensive clinical services focused on preparing youth to return home or to transition into an alternative therapeutic or independent living situation.