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Kelliher offers a range of Day Service options for adults with Developmental Disabilities

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Kelliher Community-Based Day Supports (CBDS)
is a program designed to enrich an individual’s life and enjoy a range of community activities which provide opportunities for developing, enhancing, and maintaining competency in personal, social, and community activities.

The program is an ideal option for individuals on a ‘pathway’ to employment where they can explore community and/or volunteer experiences for job exploration and/or skill development, for individuals who are employed part-time and need structured opportunities for socialization and peer support, or for individuals who are of retirement-age and want to participate in a structured and supervised program of services in a group setting.

Services include:

Career and volunteering opportunities        Development of Independent Living Skills
Community integration activities Socialization and peer support
Skill development and training Facilitating creative and person-centered interests


Kelliher Employment Supports provide an array of one-to-one services designed to assist individuals in obtaining and maintaining a competitive wage job in the community.  Program staff work with individuals to achieve their career and personal goals by providing support in career planning, skills training, job development and placement, on-site job coaching, and ongoing supportive services to successfully maintain employment.

Employment Specialists work with individuals to identify job leads that match their preferences and needs. They assist with completing job applications and offer support during the interview process. Job placement, depending on one’s needs, may occur in a competitive setting, in an enclave, or in-house.

Kelliher Day Habilitation provides services to individuals seeking goal-oriented, socially-based day services with a medical management component. The program offers a full spectrum of services to enhance social skills, communication, behavior management, self-sufficiency and activities of daily living. Daily schedules are designed based on the specific interests and therapy needs of each individual. Our staff access community resources such as local libraries, food banks, and community clubs to promote learning and skill enrichment.

Services include:

Music and Art Therapy       Sensory Integration Groups and Sensory Therapy
Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy Computer Groups and “Wii Hab” Programs
Community volunteer activities Horticultural Activities
Cooking and Activities of Daily Living Groups Fitness/Exercise Programming


Eliot currently provides day habilitation supports to over 60 individuals.  An active Family Advisory Board meets every other month and is involved with developing annual program surveys and participates in program development and quality management activities.

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