Brain Injury Services

Eliot offers an array of restorative skill building activities and supports for adults with Acquired Brain Injuries

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Our Adult Day Services Program and Adult Residential Programs provide a full spectrum of services to rebuild communication proficiency, social & behavioral skills, self help abilities, and management of daily life activities.

Adult Day Services Program

The Acquired Brain Injury Day Program in Arlington offers a comprehensive array of services with an individualized curriculum to fit the needs and interests of the persons served, while promoting maximum independence.  This is accomplished through a combination of on-site therapies, cognitive stimulation activities, and community integration, through a variety of skill-building recreational activities and volunteer opportunities.

Individuals participate in a rich schedule of activities  in both group and individual settings, which are designed to meet individual needs and goals.

ABI Day Program activities include:

Adaptive Ice Skating Horseback Riding
Sailing Bowling
Music & Art Therapy Yoga & Meditation
Computer Training Horticultural Groups
Pet Therapy Job Coaching
Fitness & Exercise
“Wii Hab” Programs

 Independent Supports

We believe strongly in facilitating successful reintegration to independent living, and provide numerous supports for participants to achieve this.  Program case managers work with individuals to assist with medication management, medical appointments, home safety, money management skills, and accessing public benefits (SSI, SSDI, MassHealth, and Food Stamps).  Additional services offered include transitional assistance, transportation, adult companionship, and employment supports.

 Residential Homes for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury

We believe that motivation, positive thinking, and vision are the stepping stones to successful outcomes.  Our team works with individuals to create person-centered treatment plans to improve overall behavioral, physical, and cognitive development.  The programs are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and include the expertise of a full time nurse. Our experienced and trained staff serve as role models, teachers and coaches to assist individuals in taking the steps to rebuild skills, self-esteem and confidence to resume their roles as engaged and productive community members.

The residential programs have a family-like atmosphere, with all the comforts of home.  They provide a full range of community activities to enable members to reconnect with their life goals, as well as redevelop personal skills and competencies.

Located in communities north of Boston, our homes are well appointed, comfortable, and adapted to meet the unique needs and preferences of persons with acquired brain injuries.  Our facilities are handicapped accessible and fully modified to meet residents’ specific needs relating to mobility or vision impairments.

Adults enrolled in Eliot’s Brain Injury Services are referred directly through the Statewide Head Injury Program through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission and the Department of Developmental Services.

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