STARR and Group Homes

Eliot’s STARR and Group Homes serve children and youth referred through the Department of Children and Families in safe, homelike settings.  Children and youth are sent to Eliot’s programs for stabilization, assessment, or longer term treatment, all with the ultimate goal of family reunification and permanency.  Eliot’s residential homes are child-centered, strengths-based and strongly encourage families to be involved in all aspects of their child’s treatment.

STARR programs provide respite and a period of assessment for children from birth to 18 years of age.  Program staff members work with the child and family to identify strengths and need areas.  Together, they develop interventions that are designed to stabilize the child, build skills, promote trusting relationships, and ensure a safe return to the community and reintegration with family or caregivers.

Eliot Group Homes serve children and adolescents who need longer out-of-home placement.  Eliot’s Group Homes offer comprehensive residential treatment and intensive clinical services focused on preparing youth to return home or to transition into an alternative therapeutic or independent living situation.