Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS)

The Adult Community Clinical  Services (ACCS) offer supports to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.  Each individual works with a team of professionals to develop an Individualized Action Plan (IAP), which is a comprehensive plan of all services and supports he or she wishes to receive.  The type, intensity, and duration of services provided are guided by the individual and the clinical team.  The Eliot ACCS teams bring the services to the individual, moving him or her from stabilization through to recovery with: 

  • Clinical coverage 24/7                     
  • Treatment planning                         
  • Risk assessment, crises planning, and prevention
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation services                           
  • Skill building and symptom management
  • Behavioral and physical health management and support                                 
  • Addiction treatment and support
  • Family engagement
  • Peer support and recovery coaching

Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

I am a:

Provider looking for services for a client.

Guardian looking for services for my child.