Corporations and Foundations

Corporate Giving

Each year, companies of all sizes and sectors show their support by contributing to Eliot’s important work in different ways, enabling Eliot to assist more than 50,000 adults, children, youth, and families across Massachusetts each year.  By partnering with Eliot, MSPCC, and/or The NAN Project, companies have the added benefit of achieving greater commercial success by enriching the value of corporate brands, increasing customer loyalty, and boosting staff morale. 

Eliot is grateful for financial support at any level.  Whether towards the annual fund or for a particular program, corporate support provides an exciting way for an institution to demonstrate commitment to protecting and promoting the well-being of adults, children, youth, and families in Massachusetts.  To learn more about our work and to discuss  how your company can partner with Eliot, MSPCC, and/or The NAN Project, please email Julie Sheflin, Assistant Director of Development, at or call (617) 587-5204.


Foundation Giving

Through unrestricted giving and programmatic support, private foundations and family foundations provide funding that is essential to Eliot’s ability to deliver important services to adults, children, youth, and families throughout Massachusetts.  We are grateful for their partnerships and the generous grants we receive from both local and national foundations.

If you would like to learn more about how your foundation can support Eliot, MSPCC, and/or The NAN Project and the individuals and families we serve, please contact Megan Hempstead, Foundation Relations Manager, at or call (617) 587-1523.


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