Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

Family Support and Training (FST):  Provides a structured, one-to-one, strengths-based relationship between a Family Partner and a parent/caregiver of a youth. Learn more about Family Support Training here.

In-Home Therapy (IHT):  Provides short-term family therapy to assist the family in stabilizing children in their homes during times of crisis.  Learn more about In-Home Therapy here

Intensive Care Coordination:  Utilizes the wraparound care planning process to coordinate multiple supports for youth and families.  Learn more about Intensive Care Coordination here.

Mobile Crisis Intervention:  Provides mobile response in the home, school, or other community settings for youth experiencing a behavioral health crisis.  Learn more about Mobile Crisis Intervention here.

Outpatient TherapyOffers a variety of short to long-term interventions for children, youth and their families.  Learn more about Outpatient Therapy here.

Therapeutic Mentoring:  Offers one-on-one support for daily living, social, and communication needs to youth.  Learn more about Therapeutic Mentoring here.

Survivor Services:  Provides services to individuals, families, and the community to promote recognition, understanding, and recovery from the impact of traumatic victimization.  Learn more about Survivor Services here.

Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

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