Counseling and Psychiatry Services

Eliot’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services offer a full spectrum of mental health and substance use recovery services to children, adults, and families, ensuring that individuals get help when they need it. 

Eliot’s multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, and other professionals administer a full range of clinical and support services, resulting in a comprehensive, collaborative approach to treatment. 

Services may include individual, couples, family, and group therapy; medication assessment and management; and psychological and cognitive testing.  Treatment is goal-oriented and often short-term, but flexible to meet each person’s needs. 

MassHealth and most private insurance plans are accepted.  Same day appointments are often available.

Eliot offers a broad array of programs, including:

Behavioral Health Clinics: Provide individualized treatment and support for each person or family.  Learn more about Adult Behavioral Health Clinics here

Emergency Services: Provide mobile psychiatric evaluation, crisis intervention, stabilization, and follow up for those in acute psychiatric distress.  Learn more about Emergency Services here.

Community Crisis Stabilization: Provides assessment and short-term treatment for adults experiencing a mental health crisis.  Learn more about Community Crisis Stabilization program here.

Addiction and Substance Use Recovery: Offers services and treatment options for individuals, couples, and families struggling with addiction.  Learn more about Addiction and Substance Use Recovery services here.

Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program: Provides intervention and educational programming for court ordered and self-referred perpetrators of domestic violence.  Learn more about Intimate Partner Abuse Education Program here.