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Adult Services

Adult Behavioral Health Services

  • Clubhouse Programs: Offer restorative environments where adults with mental illness can receive supports and services related to employment, education, life skills, housing, health and wellness, social and recreational, and community linkage. 
  • Adult Day Treatment:  Offers psychiatric treatment to adults coping with mental illness or a dual diagnosis of psychiatric illness coupled with substance use in individualized and group environments.
  • Behavioral Health Community Partner:  Services include facilitation of member’s care team, including primary care physicians, behavioral health providers, and other providers; comprehensive assessments and person-centered treatment planning; health and wellness coaching; and facilitation of access and referrals to social services.

Counseling and Psychiatry Services

  • Behavioral Health Clinics: Services include individual, couples, family, and group therapy, medication assessment and management, psychological and cognitive testing.
  • Emergency Services: Provides mobile psychiatric evaluation, crisis intervention, stabilization, and follow up for those in acute psychiatric distress.

Developmental Disability and Brain Injury Programming

  • Day Services:  An array of day services programming for adults with Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injuries.
  • In Home Supports:  Supports include medication management; coordinating and attending medical appointments; safety skills in the home; community and work; money management skills; and accessing public benefits.

Homeless Services

  • PATH:  Support services for individuals with serious mental health illnesses, as well as those with co-occurring substance use disorders, who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. 
  • CSPECH: an evidence-based case management service that proactively identifies and addresses social determinants of health collaboratively with the person served to ensure successful housing navigation/search and tenancy preservation.
  • Tenancy Preservation Program: Provides clinical consultation to the court in eviction cases that are entitled to “reasonable accommodations” due to the presence of a documented mental health or physical disability.
Children, Youth, and Families

Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

  • Intensive Care Coordination:  Utilizes the wraparound care planning process to coordinate multiple supports for youth and families.
  • In-Home Therapy:  Provides short-term family therapy to assist the family in stabilizing children in their homes during times of crisis.
  • Therapeutic Mentoring: Offers one-on-one support for daily living, social, and communication needs to youth. 
  • Family Support and Training:  Provides a structured, one-to-one, strengths-based relationship between a Family Partner and a parent/caregiver of a youth.
  • Mobile Crisis Intervention:  Provides mobile response in the home, school, or other community settings for youth experiencing a behavioral health crisis. 
  • Outpatient Counseling:  Offers a variety of short to long-term interventions for children, youth and their families.
  • Survivor Services:  Provides services to individuals, families, and the community to promote recognition, understanding, and recovery from the impact of traumatic victimization.
  • Children’s Behavioral Health/Care Coordination:  Encompasses multiple service systems that include Intensive Care Coordination, Family Support and Training, In-Home Therapy, Therapeutic Mentoring, Outpatient Therapy, and Psychiatry, and Mobile Crisis Intervention.

Caregiving and Pregnancy Support

Foster and Adoption Services

  • Kid’s Net: a network of counselors who help foster parents understand and manage the needs of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect.  MSPCC Kid’s Net program also provides respite care for the families and recreational experiences that families enjoy together.
  • KINnections: provides support and respite for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other kin raising children. 

The NAN Project (schools)

Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

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