Family Resource Center (FRC)

Eliot’s Family Resource Center (FRC) welcomes people of all ages, incomes, and abilities.  Skilled and thoughtful staff members help parents, children, and families find emotional support and practical assistance to succeed in life.

Dedicated staff members help families find resources regarding:

  • Housing support;
  • Education;
  • Utility assistance;
  • Legal help; and
  • Summer camps, sports leagues, and more.

In addition, Eliot’s FRC supports families with youth who are at-risk of needing court involvement (Child Requiring Assistance –CRA) because of their behaviors, including repeatedly running away, consistently skipping school, breaking curfew, or not following other reasonable rules established by a parent.

The School Liaison helps families with issues including truancy, absenteeism, special education, and/or behavioral issues.

Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

I am a:

Provider looking for services for a client.

Guardian looking for services for my child.

Family Resource Center

To request services or for more information on Eliot’s Family Resource Center, please call the Family Resource Center at 781-581-4750.