Family Support and Training

Family Support and Training provides a structured, one-to-one, strength-based relationship between a Family Partner and a parent/caregiver of a youth.  The purpose of this service is to support the caregiver(s) in managing the youth’s behavioral needs by supporting the development of skills needed to parent.  The Family Partner understands the family’s struggles from a personal perspective and is seen as a support who gives the parent new hope.  The Family Partner works closely with the youth’s Intensive Care Coordinator, In-Home Team or Outpatient Therapist, and can provide the following services to the family:

  • Help navigate the child serving systems;
  • Identify available services and supports in the community;
  • Develop connections with self-help and support groups; and
  • Support and coach parents/caregivers in helping youth to reach their identified goals.

Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

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