Foster and Adoption Services

Support for Foster Families

When children need to be removed from their biological homes to be kept safe, they need loving, supportive homes where they can heal and adjust to these changes.  In Massachusetts, foster parents are supported by MSPCC’s Kid’s Net Program, a network of counselors who help foster parents understand and manage the needs of children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect.  MSPCC’s Kid’s Net program also provides respite care for the families and recreational experiences that families enjoy together.  MSPCC’s Kid’s Net supports the Massachusetts Alliance For Families (MAFF), an organization of foster parents who advocate for the rights of foster children and families.

Support for Kinship Caregivers

MSPCC’s KINnections program provides support and respite for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other kin raising children.  In the Greater Boston area, MSPCC KINnections for grandparents raising their grandchildren offers support groups, informational resources, and camp scholarships.

Adoption Services

When children cannot be returned to their biological families, MSPCC’s Adoption Services facilitates the adoption process for these foster children by screening and providing training for prospective adoptive parents, conducting home visits, and helping to match children and families.  Post-adoption, MSPCC’s Adoptive Families Together offers continued training, education, and support for adoptive parents.

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Foster and Adoption Services

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