Intensive Care Coordination

Eliot’s Intensive Care Coordination is a service that uses the Wraparound care planning process to coordinate multiple supports for youth and families.  The Wraparound process is used to create a strengths-based, family-driven, and individualized plan for each youth.  A Care Coordinator is assigned to work with every youth and family enrolled in our Intensive Care Coordination.  The Care Coordinator works with the youth and family to:

  • Assemble a Care Planning Team of the family’s preference, comprised of formal and natural supports;
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the youth and family’s strengths and needs;
  • Facilitate development of an Individual Care Plan (ICP);
  • Ensure that identified services and supports are in place and coordinated; and
  • Develop a risk management and safety plan with the family and team.

Children, Youth, and Families Behavioral Health

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